Minnesota Milk helps develop Dairy CORE Program


Minnesota Milk helps develop Dairy CORE Program

Dairy leaders are attempting to develop a COVID-19 relief plan that does not create more problems down the road.

Minnesota Milk executive director Lucas Sjostrum says his Association has tweaked a proposal from the National Milk Producers Federation and International Dairy Foods Association and are calling it the Dairy CORE Program.

“CORE standing for Coronavirus Recovery. It would essentially give producers a direct payment because different parts of the country want different things. Some want programs opened up, some want milk disposal paid for, some want supply management, (and) some want a mix of all three.”

He tells Brownfield the premise of the Dairy CORE program is to get cash in dairy farmers’ pockets based on March milk production.

“And then let our processors and cooperatives figure out what they need to do to the supply. Do they just need to lower, or maybe even in some cases even raise their milk price? Do they need to cut? Or again, increase supply?”

Sjostrum says House Ag Committee chairman Collin Peterson and the American Dairy Coalition have also endorsed the Dairy CORE program.  They are asking Ag Secretary Perdue to consider funding it through the $9.5 billion in discretionary funding received through the COVID stimulus bill.

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