Cargill shutters processing plant due to coronavirus concerns


Cargill shutters processing plant due to coronavirus concerns

Another meatpacking facility has shut down temporarily amid coronavirus concerns.

Cargill announced it has decided to close its Hazleton, Pennsylvania facility to protect its employees against COVID-19.  The facility employs 900 people and provides case-ready meat products sold at grocery stores nationwide.

Cargill says it is working with its customers, farmers, and employees to “keep the food system running”.  The company says it will re-open as soon as it is safe.

Earlier this week Tyson Foods closed its Columbus Junction, Iowa pork processing plant, National Beef Packing Company suspended operations this week at its Tama, Iowa facility for cleaning that was previously scheduled for later this month, and JBS USA shut its beef processing plant in Pennsylvania.

According to a Hazleton newspaper, Hazleton has the highest number of confirmed cases in that region, with over 85 percent of that county’s confirmed cases.

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