MFU VP says every farm needs a COVID19 action plan


MFU VP says every farm needs a COVID19 action plan

The vice president of the Minnesota Farmers Union says farms of all sizes need a COVID-19 contingency plan.

Bryan Klabunde, who farms in northwest Minnesota, tells Brownfield he recently talked with another farmer about the possibility of getting sick.

“Some of the big, more corporate farms probably have a COVID-19 action plan in place on their farm. So I said to (the farmer) ‘What is yours? What do you have planned?’ (he replied) ‘Hope and pray.’ (so I told him) Well, that’s not going to work.”

He says this is the time to reach out to people who could help.

“Start talking to your neighbors. Don’t go see them, but start talking to them. And have plans to help each other. I think that’s something that Minnesota Farmers Union will be talking about.”

Klabunde says he’d be a point person for MFU if there are farmers who need help coordinating efforts in case they contract the virus.

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