Illinois meat processors open for Easter business


Illinois meat processors open for Easter business

Most Illinois meat processing facilities and retail locations have remained open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dianna Handsaker with the Illinois Association of Meat Processors tells Brownfield they have 75 operator members in Illinois and 90% of them have retail stores with many of those sourcing products from local farms.

“Our meat processors have done a fantastic job of keeping their meat cases full of product at this time. They have been able to meet the demand of customers and livestock producers in their stores.”

She says their prices are comparable to grocery stores with many offering curbside pick-up options as they are well-stocked for the Easter holiday.

“If they are looking at buying something special like and Easter ham or prime rib, they should really look to a small meat processing plant because they are able to supply those special meats.”

Click here to view an interactive map of processors and retail stores across Illinois.

Interview with Dianna Handsaker

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