Wetness continues to slow Wisconsin field progress


Wetness continues to slow Wisconsin field progress

Above normal temperatures in March and early April melted snow cover and defrosted most of Wisconsin’s soil.  USDA officials say farmers have been doing fieldwork for about three weeks where ground conditions were favorable, and that includes harvesting corn for grain, corn stalks, and soybean straw that couldn’t be harvested before the freeze.  Some places in northwestern Wisconsin had some setbacks after getting light snow Saturday.

Many fields are too wet for heavy manure spreading equipment, but there are reports of Amish farmers getting some manure out with horse-drawn equipment. 

Topsoil is rated 61% adequate and 38% surplus.  Subsoil moisture is 64% adequate and 36% surplus.

Less than three days were suitable for fieldwork statewide last week, and spring tillage is 1% complete as of Sunday.  Two percent of the state’s oats are planted. 

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