Veterinarian confident COVID-19 will not infect livestock


Veterinarian confident COVID-19 will not infect livestock

An Infectious Disease Veterinarian says COVID-19 is NOT a significant animal health risk and is not likely to infect livestock.

Jim Lowe with the University of Illinois tells Brownfield COVID-19 is a rapidly changing virus and in the last week it has been confirmed that cats can contract it.

“We have really clear evidence that it doesn’t infect pigs, ducks or chickens and we assume the same is true for cattle and horses. It is highly unlikely even knowing that this virus infects humans and cats now.”

He says at this point the virus is still not a big animal health threat, even to those animals that have the disease, including a tiger at a New York zoo.

“The animals that have been infected don’t really appear to be sick, maybe some mild sickness, but certainly no mortalities or anything other than that.”

Lowe agrees with USDA guidelines of limiting animal contact if you have tested positive for COVID-19, as house pets can carry pathogens of the virus without contracting it themselves.

He says if livestock are showing signs of respiratory illness, a veterinarian should be contacted, but it is unlikely that COVID-19 is the cause.

Interview with Jim Lowe

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