Parson, Chinn continue to reassure about food supply


Parson, Chinn continue to reassure about food supply

Governor Mike Parson says there is a plentiful supply of food in Missouri and the state is working to insure that during COVID19, “I want to assure you, Missourians, food supply remains strong.”

At his press briefing Saturday, Parson said agriculture plays a vital role during public health emergencies such as this one, “And the Missouri Department of Agriculture continues to work closely with its partners to maintain our strong food supply chain.”

Missouri Ag Director Chris Chinn says stores are beginning to fill back up after the shortages first seen with the COVID19 outbreak.

Director Chris Chinn says supply is now catching up to demand, “I’m happy to report that agriculture, from farm to fork, is catching up with the unprecedented food demand. As I said last week, this is NOT a supply issue. It’s simply a demand issue.”

Chinn, at the governor’s briefing Saturday, thanked Missouri farmers for their hard work during these uncertain times in agriculture, “You felt your commodity markets drop. You’ve also felt the results of those changes in the distribution networks. And we want to thank you for continuing to feed our state, our nation and the world through these very difficult times.”

She thanked and assured Missouri’s health care workers on the front lines that they will continue to be fed with Missouri’s abundant food supply.

Agriculture is deemed essential during the public health crisis. Parson’s statewide stay-at-home order takes effect today.

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