IDFA, NMPF offer Milk Crisis Plan to USDA


IDFA, NMPF offer Milk Crisis Plan to USDA

Two dairy groups have proposed a Milk Crisis Plan to the USDA.  The International Dairy Foods Association issued a statement Monday saying they worked with the National Milk Producers Federation to form the proposal.

In a statement, IDFA President and CEO Michael Dykes say the plan would ensure the USDA and the Trump Administration use every strategic tool to bring balance to the dairy industry as quickly as possible and harness the dairy industry to address food insecurity issues.

Dykes says the proposed plan would include aid to dairy producers, stabilize commodity markets, provide dairy products to U.S. food banks, and remove restrictions that limit dairy product availability to USDA food and feeding programs. Dykes says as the impact of coronavirus deepens, it has become clear that the federal government must go above and beyond traditional programs and solutions to bring balance and certainty to the dairy industry.

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