CHS confident in response to COVID-19 pandemic


CHS confident in response to COVID-19 pandemic

The senior VP of agronomy for the nation’s largest ag cooperative says they are going to extraordinary lengths to protect employees from COVID-19 while ensuring spring inputs are readily available.

Gary Halvorson is with Minnesota-based CHS.  He tells Brownfield if you start from the application and go backwards, the custom applicator in a dry or liquid floater is isolated.

“The supply chain, the network, the tender equipment, the people at fertilizer plants and liquid plants are benefiting because that operation, while it’s not completely isolated, it isn’t that difficult to distance people and take safety measures.”

CHS is asking employees to work more split-shifts and wear personal protective equipment at every facility.

“Things like masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer are readily available and becoming more and more available. We are taking initiatives to get that taken care of so our employees can know that the company stands by them and protects them.”

Halvorson says employees at CHS import facilities have their temperatures monitored.  If anyone is running a fever, they are taken out of the workforce and back-filled as quickly as possible.

To this point, he says CHS has not seen any large coronavirus outbreaks.

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