Argentina soymeal export pace expected to pick back up


Argentina soymeal export pace expected to pick back up

There are reports Argentine soybean meal exports are about to pick back up following a 13 percent decline in the last month.

U.S. Commodities president Don Roose says the slowdown occurred partly because of reduced demand from China.

“But the other side of it is they have had some shipping issues. Coronavirus at some of these ports where it has slowed down just enough, and also soybeans coming into the crush plants.”

He tells Brownfield Argentina is about a quarter of the way through its Southern Hemisphere fall soybean harvest.

Roose suggests the extent of the coronavirus impact on that part of the world remains to be seen.

“While they’ve had some cases of coronavirus, it appears like they’re not really on the map in a big way on that yet. So we’ll see how it develops.”

Argentina exports more soybean meal than any other country.

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