Fuel inventory concerns for #Plant20


Fuel inventory concerns for #Plant20

The senior vice president of refined fuels for CHS is concerned about maintaining diesel inventories through the spring.

Jason Schwantz says the market is well supplied.  But since refineries make both gasoline and diesel fuel, it’s possible a lack of demand could plug up the pipeline.

“I would almost compare it a little bit to last season’s propane business. There was plenty of propane around, it was a logistical nightmare though getting it in the right place for the farmer to use.”

Given the uncertainty and historically low fuel prices, he tells Brownfield now is the time for farmers with the capacity to fill up.

“This is a very, very good time to purchase your fuel as we have had that steep decline in fuel prices. Especially diesel fuel and gasoline both.”

Schwantz says he views this as a rare opportunity to get cheaper inputs heading into the 2020 growing season.

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