Iowa DOT to issue restricted CDLs remotely


Iowa DOT to issue restricted CDLs remotely

The Iowa Department of Transportation is asking co-ops and other ag businesses to contact the agency about obtaining seasonal CDLs—commercial driver’s licenses.

Bill Bartelson with Iowa DOT says with offices closed, they are working on a process to issue the CDLs remotely.

“Basically, over the phone—or we’ll look at their past records, especially if they’ve previously held one and be able to mail them out those seasonal or restricted licenses,” Bartelson says.

Ag businesses are asked to email a list of employees who need restricted CDLs to

“Especially if you’re the manager of a co-op that has 10 to 20 plus employees that need those restricted licenses,” Bartelson says.

He stresses that each state will handle the restricted CDLs differently and that this process applies to Iowa drivers only.

AUDIO: Bill Bartelson

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