Illinois farmer: “We’re in unprofitable territory.”


Illinois farmer: “We’re in unprofitable territory.”

A southeastern Illinois farmer says while COVID-19 has had little impact on his farming routine, profitability this year is a big concern.

Kenny Clodfelter tells Brownfield MFP payments helped maintain profitability during the trade war, but the COVID-19 situation is completely different.

“We’re in unprofitable territory right now so I guess we are in the same boat that a lot of businesses are, and I don’t think the government has the money to bail us all out.”

He says in the last month he has sold corn for $4 a bushel and now that has dropped to $3.35.

“It’s not only going to cut the profitability of last year’s crop on unpriced inventory, it’s also effecting the profitability of the 2019 crop.”

Clodfelter says he has tried to keep things running as normal on his farm as he gears up for planting season. He farms about 1600 acres of corn and soybeans in Edwards County.

Interview with Kenny Clodfelter

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