April 1st corn harvest not a joke


April 1st corn harvest not a joke

A Minnesota farmer spent part of this week harvesting corn. 

Bryan Klabunde of Waubun in the northwest part of the state says it was so wet last fall he had to let about 400 acres sit through the winter.

“Our biggest problem was the frost was coming out of the ground and the combine was starting to fall through the frost at times, so we had to quit corn harvest (Wednesday). We don’t have a lot left, but something we’re trying to clean up here before spring gets rolling.”

He tells Brownfield the corn he combined this week on irrigated ground was 15 percent moisture, yielded well over 200, and was standing almost perfectly.

“And that corn was about 54 pounds (test weight). It was 31 percent moisture (and) 45 pounds last October, itt was a hot mess out there. So it turned out well in this case.”

Klabunde, the vice president of the Minnesota Farmers Union, says it’s worse in the northwest corner of Minnesota.  He estimates about 30 percent of the 2019 corn crop in Kittson County remains unharvested.

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