Agribusinesses say spring inputs ready for planters to roll


Agribusinesses say spring inputs ready for planters to roll

Ag suppliers say the fertilizer, pesticides, and seeds are ready for farmers when it’s time for the planters to roll.

Tom Bressner with the Wisconsin Agribusiness Association says input inventories look good. “Every year I think has a few glitches here and there, but for the most part, I think the industry is ready. The fertilizer is where it needs to be, the pesticides are where they need to be, so I think the industry is ready to go.”

Chuck Lippstreau with the Michigan Agribusiness Association tells Brownfield right now, their suppliers have the inventory on hand to get rolling with planting season, but, “The real issue we’re looking at now is re-supply. Certainly, we don’t know what’s going to play out with the coronavirus situation and how that’s going to impact truck driver availability, warehousing services, and the overall distribution chain. It’s something we’re talking to our members about every day.”

Corn and soybean farmer Kenny Clodfelter from southeastern Illinois is ready for his tractors to roll. “I don’t believe in this part of the country, COVID-19 has caused any issues. I’ve received all of my supplies from my retailers, and we’re ready to farm.”

Re-supply might still become an issue later, but Bressner says he’s optimistic it will be easier than last year when the Mississippi River system was shut down until midsummer.

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