Missouri River rise worries levee district manager


Missouri River rise worries levee district manager

The Missouri River could move into minor flood stage this week from Nebraska City, Nebraska to St. Joseph, Missouri.

Tom Waters with the Missouri Levee and Drainage District Association says it’s making members nervous, “You know, we’ve seen people that had their 2018 crop in a bin that was flooded and lost, weren’t able to plant a 2019 crop. And now, going into 2020, if they don’t get THIS crop in they may be out of business.”

The Missouri River basin is expected to have higher-than-normal runoff this spring.

While the US Army Corps of Engineers has established an Emergency Operations Center to respond to the coronavirus, the corps says that has NOT hampered its work to restore levees damaged by last year’s floods.

Many levees along the Missouri River are NOT repaired from last year. Not all are expected to be fixed in time for planting.

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