Illinois farmer remains humble amid COVID-19


Illinois farmer remains humble amid COVID-19

A central Illinois farmer says the ag community is no stranger to uncertainty, so he is encouraging farmers to help consumers and local businesses through coronavirus disruptions.

“Restaurants are definitely a big part of our business as they buy our food. So, it is only right that we can keep these small businesses going.”

Tim Seifert of Auburn, IL tells Brownfield while some ag sectors could use assistance, he supports the Trump administration as they focus on ways to keep consumers out of the red.

“Farmers have gotten the MFP program for a year and a half or two years. We don’t live paycheck by paycheck; we live crop by crop and it’s the ones that live paycheck by paycheck that are really hurting.”

He says although it took a pandemic for farmers to be recognized as essential workers, they should be humble and recognize they are likely faring better than many of their neighbors right now.

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