Farmer says fieldwork is underway


Farmer says fieldwork is underway

Southern Ohio Farmer Greg Corcoran says a break in the rain has allowed him to complete some fieldwork.

“We just now got out into the fields yesterday as far as putting our pre-plant anhydrous on, so we’re sitting here thinking we wish we could get started earlier but it comes down to mother nature and what she’s going to allow us to do and right now she’s not allowing us to do very much,” he says. “hopefully this week is a big week and we get a lot done.”

He says their equipment is ready when the weather will allow planting to begin.

“Because of the rain we’ve really spent a lot of time in the shop getting everything ready so we’re ready to go,” he says. “We’re not planting yet, but we know it’s around the corner.”

Corcoran raises corn, soybeans, and popcorn in Ross, Pike, and Scioto counties.

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