Mixed month for weather in Michigan


Mixed month for weather in Michigan

Weather in Michigan during March was mixed.

The USDA says the month started off warmer than usual, with a shift to more seasonal conditions at mid-month, followed by a gradual rise later during the last week, leaving the statewide average temperature nearly four degrees above normal.

Parts of the Upper Peninsula began March with snow, shifting to significant rainfall as the month moved on and while most of the state was able to avoid the wet conditions that impacted much of the Midwest, average precipitation was about three quarters of an inch more than normal.

56% of winter wheat crop is in good to excellent condition, a month to month improvement of 18%, with some of the crop greening, but some of the crop will be not be harvested because of wet fields, also limiting fertilizer and hydrogen applications in many areas.

Some of the 2019 corn and soybean crops remain unharvested.

Fruit trees are emerging from dormancy with no major winter damage reported.

The USDA’s weekly crop progress and condition reports resume April 6th.

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