Officials predict first peak in Iowa COVID-19 cases in 2-3 weeks

A person from Linn County with COVID-19 died Saturday night. State public health officials say the person was between the ages of 61 and 80. It’s the fourth death in the state connected to the pandemic. A total of 336 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed within the state.

Sarah Reisetter of the Iowa Department of Public Health says projections indicate the number of cases will continue to climb in April.

“We’re thinking we might see a peak, a first peak, in the next two to three weeks, so that’s the best information that we have right now,” Reisetter says. “I would reiterate that things are changing on a daily basis and we continue to look at numbers both here in Iowa and what’s happening in other states.”

Reisster is urging Iowans who live in a county where a positive case of COVID-19 has not been reported to stay vigilant about personal hygiene and staying home, if possible.

“It should be every Iowan’s assumption that the virus is currently circulating in their community,” Reisetter says. “Although I know we all stand up here and sound like a broken record, but those mitigation strategies are so very important regardless of where you live in Iowa at this time.”

Governor Reynolds emphasizes that the incubation period for the virus is up to 14 days.

“Iowans who have recently traveled for spring break and may have been exposed to the virus are are still in that incubation period,” she says.

The latest figures from the Iowa Department of Public Health indicate 51 Iowans were hospitalized on Saturday night for treatment of COVID-19. Experts say 80 percent of those who get the virus will either not have any symptoms or their symptoms will be mild and they’ll be able to recover at home.

— Radio Iowa