Illinois farmer hopeful for better growing season


Illinois farmer hopeful for better growing season

An Illinois farmer says with the struggles of 2019 behind him, things are looking up for a better growing season this year.

Tim Seifert farms corn and soybeans in Auburn, Illinois. He tells Brownfield an earlier plating date would be a good start.

“I have hopes that maybe in ten days we can be in the field. That just depends on how much rain we get this weekend, but I would say by the middle of April we could start looking at getting something done.”

He says they also had more opportunities to do fall tillage.

“We are prepared a little bit more this year than we were in 2019. Overall there is still a lot of optimism.”

He says while COVID-19 has caused some minor disruptions to his daily schedule, he has what he needs for a successful planting season.

Interview with Tim Seifert

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