African swine fever still on the move


African swine fever still on the move

Despite reports that African swine fever cases have dropped significantly in China, the CEO of the Minnesota Pork Producers says the virus remains a major threat to U.S. pork producers.

David Preisler is skeptical about the transparency of the Chinese government.

“For countries that are actually doing accurate reporting, (ASF) still continues to move. And one of the things that was really concerning just very recently is that we saw the first case in western Poland in a commercial herd.”

He tells Brownfield there aren’t many legitimate signs ASF is slowing down.

“There have been some cases in commercial herds in eastern Poland, but it had jumped way over to the western border, not far from Germany. And that is obviously making the Germans concerned, and rightfully so.”

Preisler says the U.S. pork sector must continue being vigilant to make sure African swine fever does come to North America.

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