Parson says farmers will provide food through this


Parson says farmers will provide food through this

Missouri Governor Parson says he knows farmers are having a tough time right now but Missourians will be fed in this time of the coronavirus outbreak, “We’re in a down economy right now. I mean, it’s going to hurt everybody other than the essential supplies you’ve got to have. But the good news for farmers, too, I mean it’s going to hurt us market-wise. Me myself being one of those. But the reality is we’re still going to need food.”

Parson says there is no shortage of food, “The demand may be there but this food chain is solid in this country right now and it’s solid in this state.”

Parson says he doesn’t know what’s in the federal stimulus bill for farmers but they are used to operating without government assistance. He says Missouri farmers are out there working every day and they’ll get through these tough times.

[Missourinet’s Alisa Nelson interviews Governor Parson]

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