Pandemic disrupts day-to-day for Minnesota farmer


Pandemic disrupts day-to-day for Minnesota farmer

A corn, soybean, and pork producer in southern Minnesota says agriculture’s designation as an essential industry doesn’t meant its business as usual on her farm.

Wanda Patsche of Welcome tells Brownfield the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted day-to-day activities.

“Just something as simple as using masks on the farm. We use them, so are we going to run out of supplies and (if so) where do we get those? We work with a local company called Hog Slat, which is where we get our masks. They basically said they had to limit how many masks people were buying because they were getting other people in (to) purchase them.”

With spring fieldwork looming, Patsche is planning for complications.

“We just had this discussion two days ago (about) getting everything in on the farm, as much as we can. Because we don’t know in the future if we’re going to be able to get product in, make sure we get our seed in.”

Patsche is also discussing spring fertilizer applications with the local co-op over the phone instead of in person.  She says that still works, it’s just different.

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