Advanced Agrilytics: look at yield as an outcome


Advanced Agrilytics: look at yield as an outcome

The chief technology officer with Advanced Agrilytics is encouraging growers to look at yield as an outcome of actions, not an achievement.  

Kess Berg says that can be especially important in challenging seasons.

“We’ve had some saturated conditions- a 2015 and 2010, and we also have had a 2012- a very dry year in much of the Corn Belt,” he says. “While those might not be defining potential, how can we utilize those outcomes for prediction in the future.”

He says Advanced Agrilytics is encouraging farmers to dissect fields down to the sub-acre level.

“We specialize or really focus on trying to understand that sub-field environment and soil topography, things of that nature and understanding what those actual mechanisms are that influence yield,” he says.

He says this can help growers identify productive and limited opportunities within each acre.

Advanced Agrilytics is an Indiana-based agronomic tech company that is also serving Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Michigan, Kansas and Kentucky. 

Audio: Kess Berg, Advanced Agrilytics

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