UPDATED: Muscatine County now has five coronavirus cases

As of Tuesday morning, Iowa has confirmed 19 additional cases of covid-19 making a total of 124, with five in Muscatine County.

There have also been 2315 negative tests done at the State Hygienic Lab, Muscatine Mayor Diana Broderson reports.

They hope to begin adding the numbers of those done at private labs soon.

The two new cases in Muscatine are older adults between the ages of 61-80.

“Please know that our local, state, and federal agencies are doing all that they can to reduce the risk for the public of contracting covid-19 as well as flattening the curve of positive cases to allow our health care system to be able to address the need,” the mayor wrote.

“I urge you to follow the recommended guidelines outlined by the Governor’s Office and Iowa Department of Public Health. They will provide our best chance of getting through this health care crisis as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Please stay home if you at all can and please do not worry about necessary supplies and make poor decisions to stockpile.

Muscactine’s library, the Muscatine County Conservation/Discovery Center, schools, churches and other community organizations are providing on-line programming and activities to help manage the additional time at home.

“Big thanks for those people working to provide essential services to the community (Police, Fire, Grocers, Refuse, etc.) Continue to pray for this to be over soon! Thank you,” Broderson wrote.