Illinois Farm Bureau providing COVID-19 resources


Illinois Farm Bureau providing COVID-19 resources

The Illinois Farm Bureau has created a central online location for resources farmers may need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Director of Issues Management DeAnne Bloomberg tells Brownfield the guide can answer questions related to the Illinois “shelter in place” order.

“One of the questions that has been asked is, do Illinois farmers need to have some type of paperwork or anything that they need to be carrying (as an essential worker), and that is not the case.”

She says the IFB website highlights changes to regulations, transportation and cancellations from COVID-19 as well as information on livestock, the food supply and mental health.

“I feel like we are not even into the first quarter yet of a basketball game. So, we are in this for the long haul and we just want everyone to know that they can go to this resource and get some quick bullet points.”

She says IFB will continue to provide updated information and encourages members to take things day by day as more challenges arise.

Interview with DeAnne Bloomberg

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