US beef, pork granted increased access to China


US beef, pork granted increased access to China

US beef and pork now have increased access to China.  The market access gains were among the provisions negotiated in the “Phase One” trade agreement between the US and China.

Joel Haggard, senior vice president for the Asia-Pacific with the US Meat Export Federation says the news couldn’t come at a better time for US beef producers.  “All beef and beef products, including processed beef items, from cattle of all ages will be eligible to ship to China,” he says.  “And China’s moved toward the adoption of international standards by establishing maximum residue levels for commonly used hormones in cattle production.  They also recognized the efficacy of the US’ cattle traceability system.”

He says hundreds of new US plants are now eligible for export to China.  “We believe the change in rules will get more segments of our cattle and beef industry more interested in producing for the China market,” he says.  “With last year, and imports of over 1.6 million tons of beef from all suppliers, was by far the largest importing country globally.”

Haggard says US beef also received another boost as China is allowing importers to apply for relief from retaliatory duties. If waivers are granted, the tariff rate on US beef entering China from goes from 42 percent to 12 percent, which is the most-favored-nation (MFN) rate.

US pork will also benefit form the increased market access as most facilities can now also export processed pork products and pork tariffs.  Pork importers are also allowed to apply for tariff relief, and if granted, lowers the tariff rate on US pork muscle cuts from 63 percent to 33 percent and on pork offals from 67 percent to 37 percent. 

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