Pork, beef supplies up on year


Pork, beef supplies up on year

The USDA says pork and beef supplies at the end of February were larger than average. Pork in cold storage came out at 661.660 million pounds, up 7% on the year following record pork production in February, and beef stocks were 490.981 million pounds, 4% more than the previous year, with the red meat total up 5% on the year at 1.195 billion pounds. For pork, that is 39.66 million pounds above the five-year average, while beef was 3.981 million higher than normal. The pork total included record monthly highs for boneless loins and total loins.

Chicken in cold storage was a monthly high at 925.089 million pounds, a jump of 6% from the year before, but with turkey at 340.535 million pounds, a year to year drop of 25%, leaving total poultry at 1.268 billion pounds, down 6%. The chicken total included all-time highs for drumsticks, thigh meat, and paws & feet.

The USDA’s next set of supply and demand estimates is currently scheduled for April 9th.

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