Farmer discusses importance of addressing rural issues


Farmer discusses importance of addressing rural issues

North Central Ohio Farmer Sam Fawcett says broadband access and addressing mental health are top priorities in rural areas in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s no longer just a luxury, it’s a necessity,” he says. “A lot of these rural communities don’t have access and of recent the coronavirus outbreak has schools shutting down and if you can’t telecommute in because you have lack of internet it shows right there that we need (broadband access).”

He says farmer mental health needs to be addressed and support is needed from lawmakers.   

“There’s been a stigma for a few years but there has been a high issue of suicide rates in ag community of recent because of the pressure on ag,” he says. “That’s something to show senators that we need support for mental health and farming.”

Fawcett discussed these issues on the Ohio Farm Bureau County Presidents Trip to Washington DC.

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