Fertilizer industry remains afloat during pandemic


Fertilizer industry remains afloat during pandemic

Brownfield’s Rhiannon Branch and TFI CEO Corey Rosenbusch pictured during the 2020 Commodity Classic in San Antonio

The fertilizer industry has seen minimal supply disruptions, so far, despite impacts from the coronavirus outbreak.

Corey Rosenbusch, CEO of The Fertilizer Institute tells Brownfield that is good news as farmers approach planting season.

“Businesses are operating, fertilizer is moving, and out companies are doing everything they can to ensure that product is going to be available for farmers as they gear up for planting.”

He says more than 50% of food produced in the world utilizes fertilizer, so he was happy to see the Department of Homeland Security designate fertilizer workers as essential during the crisis, allowing them to remain on the job.

“As we speak, operationally things are still moving forward and thanks to the federal government’s guidance, hopefully that will not stop.”

He says so far, the biggest concern in the supply chain is trucking availability. He says people can help by spreading awareness of the need for fertilizer workers and truckers at this time to local and state legislators.

Interview with Corey Rosenbusch

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