RCALF urges emergency relief for cattle producers

RCALF urges emergency relief for cattle producers

The head of RCALF USA has sent what he calls an “emergency” letter to President Trump urging stopgap and permanent measures to help cattle producers avert the collapse of their industry.

Bill Bullard tells Brownfield Ag News they are urging the
decision to allow raw Brazilian beef into the U.S. be suspended, “Because this
announcement that Brazilian beef would soon enter the United States was one of
the first stages of the further collapse of our marketplace even before the
coronavirus was even mentioned for the United States.”

Bullard says RCALF has also asked the president to direct
the Department of Justice to investigate the activities in the marketplace, “To
determine the cause of this inexplicable volatility in the marketplace that’s
marked by severely depressed cattle prices while wholesale beef prices are
hitting skyrocketing levels.”

RCALF wants limits on the percentage of cattle that packers
can procure which would undermine the market and labels saying where animals from
which beef is derived was born, raised and harvested.