National Pork Board response to coronavirus pandemic


National Pork Board response to coronavirus pandemic

The National Pork Board is gathering resources for producers, consumers, and others along the supply chain during the coronavirus outbreak.

CEO Bill Even tells Brownfield NPB has been compiling information online.

“ takes you to a number of very credible resources that everybody can look to for some guidance, including a farm level crisis plan that producers can use to double check to make sure if there’s something they need to be additionally doing on their farm.”

He says there are a lot of questions about cooking from home as more people practice social distancing to limit the spread of COVID-19.

“They’re searching online for recipes and information to understand (when) they have pork loin or ham, how do they cook once and eat twice or maybe even three times and stretch that across the week.”

Even says the Pork Board is also deeply engaged with processors, grocery stores, and restaurants.  His message to everyone is there is absolutely no shortage of food in the United States, and certainly no shortage of pork.

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