Young farmer discusses challenges


Young farmer discusses challenges

There are several issues that are top of mind for young farmers.

Abram Klopfenstein, a fourth-generation farmer, raises corn, soybeans, wheat, and hogs in Paulding County, Ohio.

“As a young farmer, a lot of the issues that are key in agriculture really affect me because that’s my future – so we’re talking about trade, broadband, and in general the economy,” he says.

He says succession planning is also top of mind for many young farmers.  

“Estate tax and passing it on to the next generation…and that’s the key with farmers- every time you pass a farm on there’s a piece to that and the legislation and taxing with that,” he says.

Klopfenstein discussed these priorities during the 74th annual Ohio Farm Bureau County Presidents Trip to Washington DC. This was his second time attending the event. Advice he has to other members is to be active in local county farm bureau organizations and share stories with lawmakers.

Audio: Abram Klopfenstein

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