Agronomy manager offers advice for growers facing a wet, warm spring


Agronomy manager offers advice for growers facing a wet, warm spring

AgriGold Agronomy Manager Mike Kavanaugh says many Midwestern farmers should plan for a wet and warm spring.

“We are telling growers to get their planters ready to go immediately all through the Midwest,” he says. “If a window presents itself be ready to go the last week of March for corn or soybeans.”  

He says if fields are ready for planting but don’t have nitrogen on them…“We’re saying leave that tool bar in the shed, let’s get corn in the ground, and develop a sidedress nitrogen program,” he says.

Kavanaugh says growers should also be mindful of weeds and diseases as the season progresses.

“Next time it dries out a little bit let’s get weeds under control for corn and soybean fields both,” he says. “And for the whole summer let’s be thinking about what warm and wet creates- it creates disease so let’s be thinking about that fungicide program.”

Kavanaugh provided an agronomic update at a recent AgriGold grower event. The event highlighted plant nutrition, tissue sampling, and soil fertility to help kickoff Plant 2020. It also featured a panel of AgriGold Yield Masters.

Kavanaugh says AgriGold is staying on the cutting edge to help farmers grow and become more productive and profitable. He says one of the ways the company is doing that is by developing genetics to benefit growers.

Audio: Mike Kavanaugh, AgriGold

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