NMPF says dairy food production will continue during COVID-19 crisis


NMPF says dairy food production will continue during COVID-19 crisis

The National Milk Producers Association says dairy foods will remain something consumers can count on during the COVID-19 crisis.  Alan Bjerga tells Brownfield he expects milk production to go on as usual. “I do think that you don’t have to worry about milk being produced. Dairy farmers are going to do their job, and cows are impervious to coronavirus, both in the milk that they produce which is safe as well as the cows themselves which do not get the coronavirus, at least not of this type.”

Bjerga says They will have to monitor supply chains including transportation networks and illnesses affecting labor, including labor on the farm. “Dairy operations have workforces and they have labor, and this is a nationwide illness. That’s why we have these nationwide restrictions, so nobody can really be complacent about this.”

Bjerga says a conference call with dairy cooperative CEO’s and the National Milk Producers Executive Committee to discuss and coordinate their responses to the nationwide coronavirus crisis.

Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue and others have said coronavirus is not a foodborne illness, but fluctuations in demand and people working in the supply chain have some consumers worried about their food supplies. 

Bjerga says, “Dairy is safe. Dairy supplies will be consistent. We’ll do everything we can to make sure that it gets to the consumer.”

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