A few bright spots for ag amid the coronavirus cloud


A few bright spots for ag amid the coronavirus cloud

The president of the Minnesota State Cattlemen’s Association sees a few bright spots for ag amid the dark cloud of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mike Landuyt of Walnut Grove says the U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement is almost to the finish line.

“Pretty much hidden with all the other news, Canada approved the USMCA Agreement. So all three legs of that have been done now, and that can start moving forward.”

The three countries have three months to figure out regulations that will govern the mechanics of the agreement.

He tells Brownfield China loosening requirements on beef imported from the U.S. is also welcome.

“As far as from the hormone level, and gave way on how the testing will be, (which) fits into the regular international standards. So hopefully as all this stuff runs its course, there is still positive things going on in the industry.”

Landuyt, who runs a feedlot and row crop operation in southwest Minnesota, says another positive has been the mild March weather.

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