Milk futures mixed, cash dairy higher

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Milk futures mixed, cash dairy higher

Milk futures on the Chicago Mercantile were mixed Friday as trades wade through coronavirus impacts which cash trade turned higher.

March Class III milk up four cents at $16.34.  April unchanged at $15.90.  May six cents lower at $15.78.  June down 11 cents at $15.98.  July through October contracts 13 to 14 cents lower.

Dry whey unchanged at $0.3475. 

Blocks up $0.0625 at $1.8725.  Two sale were made at $1.83 and $1.8725. 

Barrels up $0.01 at $1.50.  One trade was made at that price.   

Butter unchanged at $1.8125. 

Nonfat dry milk up $0.0025 at $1.0525.  Thirteen trades were made ranging from $1.0450 to $1.0550. 

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