Illinois farmer doesn’t see a need for “right to repair” legislation


Illinois farmer doesn’t see a need for “right to repair” legislation

A DeKalb County, Illinois farmer says he does not think “right to repair” legislation is necessary.

Brian Voss tells Brownfield the proposed bills go beyond what he really needs to work on his equipment.

“I think it is a workforce development issue more than anything, just the fact that there are not enough service technicians. We don’t need to get into the nitty-gritty and get into the ones and zeros of embedded code and things of that nature. That just isn’t what we are looking for.”

He says now that equipment manufacturers have made an industry-wide commitment to provide repair information and diagnostic tools to farmers by 2021, farmers should have access to the resources they need without government policy.

“A high tide raises all boats here. I think it is good for the manufacturer, it will help the dealer, and ultimately it will help me be able to make our farm work.”

Voss says it may take time to learn how to use the diagnostic tools, but simply having access to them is a step in the right direction, especially for his operation where they run multiple brands of equipment.

Interview with Brian Voss

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