Valent Perpetuo gets EPA registration


Valent Perpetuo gets EPA registration

Valent USA says the EPA has registered Perpetuo, a new postemergence residual herbicide the company says provides burndown and residual control of annual broadleaves and grasses in soybeans and corn. Perpetuo brings long-lasting residual control to the postemergence market, helping growers combat late-germinating weeds and keeping their fields clean through canopy closure, according to Joe Short, marketing manager with Valent U.S.A.

“It just gives growers a lot of flexibility,” Short told Brownfield Ag News. “It’s a broad spectrum from a broadleaf and grass perspective. You can use it on both your crops; we see it probably fitting more on soybeans, but it can be used in corn.”

Weeds such as waterhemp and Palmer amaranth – Short refers to these as “trouble children” – have a long germination window that can last through late summer making them hard to control with a single preemergence application.

“If you’re using, for example in our portfolio, Fierce Herbicide up front on a pre-applied residual, that will give you control up to eight weeks,” said Short, “but you could have situations depending on when you apply that that you could need a residual control with your post tank-mix products for another four to five weeks and Perpetuo is going to give you that control.”

AUDIO: Joe Short

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