Minnesota farmer encouraged upon return from SE Asia


Minnesota farmer encouraged upon return from SE Asia

A northwest Minnesota farmer is encouraged following a trip to Taiwan and Cambodia.

Austen Germolus of Ada recently visited southeast Asia as part of a Minnesota Agriculture and Rural Leadership program.

“Things in the past probably haven’t been the best between the U.S. and Taiwan, (but) I think we’re progressing there. Taiwan alone has 23 to 24 million people in a small area, and they import a majority of their food products. So I think the potential is pretty great.”

He tells Brownfield Cambodia doesn’t have the population of Taiwan, but the country is growing.

“I believe there’s 8 million people in Cambodia, and you compare that to 24 million in Taiwan. There’s a lot of possibility there for U.S. ag products.”

Germolus grows spring wheat and soybeans.  He sees Taiwan as a strong export market because of bread and noodle demand.

With Cambodia, he says a burgeoning aquaculture industry will need soybeans for feed.

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