MSU makes farm stress management a priority


MSU makes farm stress management a priority

Expanded efforts are underway from Michigan State University Extension to provide resources to farmers and ag professionals to better cope with chronic stress and mental health challenges.

Behavioral health educator Erick Karbowski manages MSUE’s new Farm Stress program and tells Brownfield it can be difficult for farmers to separate their work and personal lives.

“They don’t get to go home from work necessarily.  Oftentimes they live on the farm and work on the farm.”

He says simple steps to help establish a better work/life balance include changing clothes at home to “take off the workday” and making time to prioritize stress factors.

“What are the things that are a top priority that we need to take care of right now and what are some of the things that can wait?”

MSUE is currently offering a text message research study to better understand farmer struggles and develop more farm stress resources.  Participants can enroll until the end of the month.

Brownfield interview with Karbowski during the recent Great Lakes Crop Summit

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