Iowa farmer looking forward to spring


Iowa farmer looking forward to spring

An Iowa farmer says regardless of the weather he is looking forward to spring and a fresh start at getting crops in the ground.

Jeff Frank with the Iowa Soybean Association tells Brownfield after having the wrecker tow his planter in 2019, he is hoping to practice patience if faced with another wet spring.

“You just have to wait and be patient. I mean we always seem to be able to get it done. You don’t want to plant when the conditions aren’t right, and we all know that, but we all seem to push it.”

Frank says aside from getting the crop in the ground, his biggest priority is helping create new export opportunities for soybeans outside of China.

“The prices are terrible. I mean, we aren’t even breaking even, so trade has got to be number one.”

Frank grows corn and soybeans on a century farm in Sac County Iowa. Brownfield interviewed Frank at the 2020 Commodity classic in San Antonio.

Interview with Jeff Frank

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