Capitalizing on untapped demand opportunities for pork


Capitalizing on untapped demand opportunities for pork

The haiku master of Datassential, a Chicago-based food insights agency, says there is a lot of untapped opportunities to increase demand for US pork

Jack Li says it all starts with flavor.  “All these ethnic flavors,” he says.  “If you look at the fastest growing areas for restaurants most of them are ethnic in origin.  And that is pretty much an undercapitalized and underutilized space for pork currently.”

Pork, beef, and chicken are facing more competition from alternative proteins, and Li tells Brownfield if they go to war, no-one will win. “But you have to see what consumers are really trying to achieve,” he says.  “They’re trying to achieve a healthier diet for themselves and they want something better for the earth at the same time.  If the pork industry focuses on those two things it will basically solve some of those underlying motivations with consumers.” He says there’s enough room in the demand space for all types of proteins.

Li was interviewed by Brownfield at the 2020 National Pork Industry Forum in Kansas City, Missouri.

AUDIO: Jack Li, Datassential

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