Pivot Bio highlights performance data during Commodity Classic


Pivot Bio highlights performance data during Commodity Classic

Pivot Bio highlighted 2019 performance data for its alternative to synthetic nitrogen fertilizer during Commodity Classic.

Pivot Bio PROVEN is the first nitrogen-producing microbial product for US corn farmers and can replace 25 pounds of nitrogen fertilizer.

Mark Reisinger, vice president of commercial operations, says Pivot Bio PROVEN performed despite wet conditions in 2019. He says corn growers now have a source of nitrogen that is 100 percent available to the corn plant as compared to losing about half of their nitrogen when using synthetic fertilizers. 

The 2019 performance report includes more than 5 million data points collected across thousands of acres, hundreds of soil types, nearly 100 commercial farms, and six Midwest land grant universities.

The report showed a nearly 6 bushel per acre advantage in fields using the product compared to those with only synthetic nitrogen. The Pivot Bio PROVEN plots also had an advantage over the synthetic nitrogen plots nearly 90 percent of the time.

Pivot Bio PROVEN is available now for 2020 planting.

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