NCGA and ASA adopt policy during Commodity Classic


NCGA and ASA adopt policy during Commodity Classic

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) and American Soybean Association (ASA) adopted policy during Commodity Classic that will guide the organizations in the coming year.

Kevin Ross, president of the NCGA, said the corn congress sessions during Commodity Classic included updates from action teams and nearly 130 state delegates adopting policy.

“We talked about how we can move forward E15 and other high octane and low carbon discussion we’ve been working on as well- those types of things that are long-term demand pieces for us,” he says.

He says continued support for the RFS and an infrastructure bill that would improve locks and dams are critical for corn growers.

Bill Gordon, president of ASA, says members voted on a policy book that will guide the organization for the year.

“It really gives you basis from your grassroots farmers of where they want us to go as an association and it allows us to go back and lean on that when we have a tough question,” he says. “We had 159 representatives from states in the room telling us which way we need to go.”

He says intellectual property and data rights as well as trade were discussed at the delegate session. The delegate body discussed trade deals with India and calling out a specific market. Gordon says the delegates said they are for all free trade agreements but India, China, and the European Union are so large that they need to be focused on a little more.

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