Kent Partners with high school on work-based learning project

Kent Corporation is partnering with a group of Muscatine High School students through an Iowa clearinghouse for work-based learning project, part of Future Ready Iowa.

The statewide program seeks to connect students and employers through shared projects that give students professional experience.

“Kent is thrilled to be part of this work-based learning project with high school students in our home community,” said Kent spokeswoman Carol Reynolds. “It’s an opportunity for us to partner with youth and hopefully be a small part of exposing students to great jobs that exist not only across the state of Iowa, but right here in their hometown.”

Kent Corporation’s Enterprise Innovation team is working alongside Denise Hillman, a Vocational Education Instructional Coach at Muscatine High School. For the project, students will survey their classmates on their perceptions of plant-based meat alternatives.

“Kent has bent over backwards to work with my kids, it’s been exceptional,” said Hillman. “I appreciate what Kent has to offer students to build that real-world piece. This project is opening the students’ horizons to what different careers are out there.”

Following the survey, Kent’s Enterprise Innovation Director of Marketing, Nathan Brewer, will meet regularly with the students on how to analyze the survey results and ultimately present a finished product.

“Students will learn how to identify emerging markets by analyzing survey data and presenting research,” said Reynolds. “By engaging Muscatine students on this emerging market it exposes them to opportunities in industries that are important to the future of Iowa’s economy.”