Getting the highest yield vs. optimizing yield


Getting the highest yield vs. optimizing yield

A WinField United agronomist says in today’s farm economy farmers need to understand the difference in achieving high yields and optimizing their yield.

“I’ve got to get as many bushels as possible off of every acre, but I have to do it with the most efficient use of resources.”

Jim Hedges also farms corn and soybeans in Illinois. He tells Brownfield this shift in focus comes from depressed commodity prices.

“If I go back in time to 2013 or 2014 commodity prices were so much higher so it was all about yield. Now we are in this compressed market and don’t see a lot of relief coming.”

Hedges recommends building a robust plan for the crop year and then use data and digital tools to alter the plan in-season based on the environment and other opportunities and challenges.

Listen to Brownfield’s interview with Hedges at Commodity Classic to learn more about WinField’s digital tools to help with economic and agronomic decisions.   

Interview with Jim Hedges at Commodity Classic

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