USDA: producers paid slightly more in January


USDA: producers paid slightly more in January

The USDA says producers made less and paid a little more in January than in December.

The index of prices received was down 2.2% on the month, with a 3.5% decrease for the crop index cancelling out a 1% increase for livestock. Prices were down for market eggs, milk, lemons, and oranges, and up for cattle, broilers, broccoli, and lettuce.

The index of prices paid was 0.2% percent higher, on gains in feeder cattle, feeder pigs, interest rates, and rent against losses for herbicides, mixed fertilizer, LP gas, and nitrogen.

Year to year, the January prices received index was up 2.5%, crops were up 4.6% and livestock was 0.4% higher, and the prices paid index was down 0.1%.

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