General CRP sign-up deadline is today


General CRP sign-up deadline is today

The deadline to sign up for the general Conservation Reserve Program is today.

Richard Fordyce is administrator of the Farm Service Agency.

“General CRP is the competitive program where landowners will make offers based on what they commit to do and then those offers will be ranked and we’ll notify folks who were successful in us accepting those offers,” he says.

He says there is a lot of excitement surrounding CRP.

“This is the first time that landowners have had an opportunity to make offers in a general sign-up since 2016 so there is a lot of excitement in the countryside about opportunities to go into CRP,” he says. “We’re celebrating the 35th anniversary of CRP and it’s certainly provided enormous benefits.”

Fordyce says CRP has evolved to address specific needs around the country. Sign-up for continuous CRP will continue.

Brownfield interviewed Fordyce during the 2020 Commodity Classic in San Antonio.

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